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The Koval   (Approx. 1560 sq. ft.) - several versions with bonus room and more square footage). Floor Plan


The Brittany  (Approx. 1825 sq. ft.) - Floor Plan


The Dungeness  (Approx. 1763 sq. ft.) - smaller version available  Floor  Plan


The Hubbard   (Approx. 2000 sq. ft.).  Floor Plan


The Medsker (Approx. 1921 sq. ft)     Floor Plan


Custom Homes

The Armstrong           Floor Plan


The Carr                       Floor Plan


The Glick                      Floor Plan

The Jakob                     Floor Plan


The VanEnkevort        Floor Plan


The Rokosz                   Floor Plan


 The B&G  .                 Floor Plan


The Kirkland               Extensive Remodel


The Slocum                Extensive Remodel


The Dungeness River Center Museum Interpretive Ctr. and Restroom Facility


Office Building


Multifamily: 4 Plex